Of course we hope you’ll never need our claims expertise, but if you ever need to report a claim, PRMS will be with you every step of the way. Whether you need legal guidance for an adverse event or a robust full-court defense for a lawsuit, our experts will work closely with you and your defense counsel to vigorously protect you.

The PRMS claims team has a proven record of providing an exceptional level of service and expertise. We have managed over 22,000 claims, lawsuits and significant events involving psychiatrists since 1986.


















Consent to Settle Provision

We consider your input to be vital in how to proceed with a claim, whether it be an attempt to negotiate a settlement or to prepare for defending the case at trial. This benefit, offered in most states, separates us from the much of the competition! More on Consent to Settle

Administrative Defense Coverage

Malpractice suits are not the only reasons why you need good insurance coverage. Administrative actions brought forth by state license boards, managed care organizations, hospitals or healthcare organizations can financially impact your psychiatric practice. More on Administrative Defense

Anatomy of a Lawsuit

What kinds of claims are we experiencing? What is the first thing you should do if a claim arises? How do we select defense attorneys to represent insureds? Learn these answers and more in Anatomy of a Lawsuit.


Actual terms, coverages, conditions and exclusions may vary by state. Unlimited consent to settle does not extend to sexual misconduct. Insurance coverage provided by Fair American Insurance and Reinsurance Company (NAIC 35157). FAIRCO is an authorized carrier in California, ID number 3175-7.