Forensic Psychiatrists

Treating vs. Forensic Role

Forensic psychiatrists often find themselves in a common scenario - a patient they are treating also asks them to serve as an expert witness. Serving dual roles to the same patient may harm your therapeutic relationship and increase your professional liability risk.

Request your complimentary copy of "Myths and Misconceptions: Treating v. Forensic Role", written by PRMS staff. This article addresses the risks involved with assuming dual roles and provides advice on what to do if faced with this situation.

Did you know? Many medical professional liability insurance policies do not cover the risks inherent in forensic practice. Recently, some carriers have even started non-renewing policies of psychiatrists that provide forensic services. Current participants in The Psychiatrists’ Program can rest assured. Forensic work is included in our policy.

Program insureds also have exclusive access to resources -- newsletter, articles, multimedia tutorials -- to help decrease the potential professional liability risks. Best of all, if participants have specific questions, they can speak directly to a risk manager through our toll-free Risk Management Consultation Service.

To learn more about The Program's features and benefits, including coverage for forensic activities, please view our Individual Coverage and Group Coverage pages for more information.

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In the News

Forensic Psychiatry News
PRMS Risk Manager Emerges as National Expert in Forensic Psychiatric Liability

Donna Vanderpool, MBA, JD, has become one of the nation's top experts in professional liability for forensic psychiatrists. The recently published book Ethical Issues in Forensic Psychiatry: Minimizing Harm, includes a chapter by Ms. Vanderpool that addresses the unique liability concerns of forensic psychiatrists.

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