E-Prescribing in New York: Informational Meeting and Practical Advice for Compliance

The implementation date for mandatory electronic prescribing is March 27, 2016.

Program runtime: Approximately 1 hour 20 minutes

E-Prescribing Frequently Asked Questions


This presentation was recorded before a live audience on December 5, 2014 in Manhattan.

As per New York State Insurance Regulation No. 124, this meeting does not qualify as an Excess Risk Management Course. If you need a course to satisfy these requirements, please visit our NY Excess seminars page (log-in required).

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This presentation contains general information on risk management issues.  The information presented does not constitute legal advice.

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NYSPA Urges State to Delay e-Rx Requirement
NYSPA, MSSNY, and other provider organizations have implored New York State to postpone mandatory e-prescribing, citing the large number of vendors that lack EPCS certification. Visit NYSPA’s website to see the letter and to send a letter to legislators and the Governor.

MSSNY endorses DrFirst

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E-Prescribing Frequently Asked Questions

What if my patient wants to pay cash for a prescription and not use their insurance benefits?

At least one vendor – Dr. First – has confirmed that it is not a problem.  This is a good question to ask when evaluating vendors.

  1. What about prescription orders at facilities?

You should check with the facility to determine the impact of this New York e-prescribing mandate.

  1. What about my colleague that is covering for me – can he/she still call in a prescription?

No.  As of March 27, 2016, all prescriptions in New York are to be done electronically.  There is no exception for covering physicians.  Your covering will have to get insurance and pharmacy information from the patient to e-prescribe.

  1. What if the pharmacy is out of the medication I electronically prescribed?

If the prescription is for a controlled substance, it cannot be re-directed to another pharmacy.  The prescription will electronically bounce back to you. If the prescription is not for a controlled substance, the pharmacy should be able to re-direct it to another pharmacy. Note:  You could call the pharmacy to confirm the medication’s availability.  Pharmacies may not respond to patient’s inquiries about the availability of controlled substances, due to robbery concerns.

  1. What if my patient is out of state?

You can give the patient a paper prescription if it will be filled out of state. 
Note:  If the prescription is for a controlled substance, you would need to notify BNE within 48 hours.